COVID-19 Open Source Resources

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Like most companies, we are searching for a way to be helpful as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold. We’re committed to supporting the efforts of others by assisting in the distribution and development of open source AI assistants that provide information about COVID-19, how to stay safe, and where to seek help. We've compiled a list of COVID-19 AI projects, and we invite the community to help us build on it, use it to stay informed, and help others where possible.

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If you're working on an open source, AI project related to the COVID-19 pandemic, if you have additional resources that you think would benefit the community, or if you're looking for help with a COVID-19 project you're working on, please reach out to us at

World Health Organization (WHO) Health Alert

health alert service from the World Health Organization (WHO): a free messaging service that provides the latest news about the virus and numbers in real time, including information on symptoms and how to stay safe. This service is available in Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, and Portugeese.

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COVID-19 Chatbot Model by QBox

A free pre-compiled chatbot model that addresses typical questions about the COVID-19 virus to help you handle high volumes of questions from your customers, partners and staff. Simply add it to your current chatbot training data for an AI assistant starter pack by benoitalvarez.

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StayHome by the University of Washington

Built by researchers from the University of Washington, StayHome is a mobile app that supports people who want reliable information and resources, track symptoms, record COVID-19 testing and results, record exposures or travel, and identify their own unique situations and risks.

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COVID-19 FAQ assistant in Spanish

An assistant that answers questions related to COVID-19 and the measures that the Argentinian government is taking with respect to the pandemic. 

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API that identifies nearby testing centers

An API to identify nearby medical locations and COVID-19 testing centers.

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Floc Crisis Center

Floc Crisis Center (FCC) from Uday Tatiraju is an open source low-code tool that helps users to quickly bootstrap info-bots based on Rasa. The bootstrapped infobot can hold simple conversations with the user to provide relevant information in the form of menus and submenus. Floc Crisis Center has four Covid-19 projects on GitHub: UI, bot template, backend, and a Rasa integration. 

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Nora is an AI assistant that answers questions about the coronavirus and provides information about social distancing, self-isolation, and the latest coronavirus news. Users can ask Nora questions like “What is social distancing?” or “What are the latest coronavirus statistics?” Nora is a personal project built by Archish Thakkar.

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