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About the webinar series

Creating a chatbot use case is easy, but making it a successful customer-loved tool is complex. Many enterprises experience challenges with large user bases, third-party applications, security and privacy mandates, and polyglot environments.

Whether you employ an AI assistant in production today or are looking to build one your customers will adore, this webinar series will help you successfully navigate the challenges of deciding when, where, and how your assistant will have the best impact on your customers.

In this three-part series, we highlight success stories of Rasa Enterprise customers and their processes of building robust, customer-facing conversational AI assistants and chat with top industry experts on the best ways to measure success.

Together we’ll dive into the best practices for:

  • Building a multi-disciplinary infrastructure team
  • Omnichannel customer engagement
  • Integrating Conversation-Driven Development (CDD) into your AI assistant
  • Scaling across the full breadth and depth of the business
  • Measuring success and improving multi-channel, multi-language AI assistants


Miles Lynam-Smith
Senior Manager, Technology and Innovation
Deutsche Telekom
Wayne Foley
Senior Software Development Manager
Providence Digital Innovation Group
Cobus Greyling
Conversational AI Industry Expert | Former product owner of the Vodacom Tobi Voicebot | Rasa Hero
Lauren Goerz
Product Evangelist
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