Navigating Compliance in Regulated Industries with CALM

Embrace a Future Where Innovation Meets Regulation

Why This Whitepaper is a Must-Read

Designed for product and compliance teams in regulated sectors, this whitepaper covers important considerations when using Rasa’s Conversational AI with Language Models (CALM) in a production environment.

What You'll Discover

  • Executive Summary: A concise overview of CALM’s unique approach for secure, compliant Conversational AI.
  • Compliance FAQs: Get straightforward answers to top questions about CALM’s compliance capabilities.
  • Insightful Introduction: Deep dive into the world of CALM, understanding its innovative framework and how you can remain compliant during and after implementing this technology.

Key Insights You Can’t Miss

  • The Role of LLMs in CALM: Explore how CALM uses Large Language Models to ensure controlled, safe AI interactions.
  • Looking Ahead: Get a sneak peek into future enhancements for tighter data control and model management.
  • Performance Assurance Tools: Discover Rasa's robust tools for monitoring and maintaining CALM's performance within compliance boundaries.

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