Rasa Starter Packs 


Open source starter packs for building AI assistants

Use these demo assistants as a starting point for your own banking chatbot, IT helpdesk chatbot, healthcare chatbot, or customize and extend the starter pack to fit your own use case. These assistants are a great starting point for building a chatbot of your own, or you can use them as a reference to get ideas for features you might want to implement in your assistant. The code for all of our starter packs is open source and available on GitHub. You can fork the starter pack and build on top to extend it and add your own features.

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IT Helpdesk Starter Pack

The IT Helpdesk demo bot can open an incident report via a Service Now integration. This assistant is a great starting point for building an IT helpdesk chatbot of your own, or you can use it as a reference for integrating a customer service ticketing system.


Learn more about the IT helpdesk demo bot on the Rasa Community Showcase

See assistant on GitHub

Financial Services Starter Pack

The financial services demo bot can help users with three main tasks:
  • Transferring money to another person’s account
  • Checking earning or spending history, with a specific vendor or overall
  • Paying a credit card bill

Each of these skills uses forms to collect required pieces of information, like the account where funds should be transferred and the amount. The assistant can also answer questions about account balance (taking into account any funds that have been transferred) and transaction fees.


Learn more about the financial services demo bot on the Rasa Community Showcase

See assistant on GitHub

Retail Starter Pack

The Retail starter pack is an open source example chatbot for ecommerce customer service. It can assist with operations like checking an order status, seeing if an item is in stock, and initiating a return. The assistant uses forms to collect information and queries a SQLite database for customer and order information. 

Learn more about the Retail starter pack on the Rasa Blog

See assistant on GitHub

Insurance Starter Pack

Insurance Starter Pack is an example assistant that provides a set of capabilities relevant for developers building in the insurance domain. Some common tasks included in the pack are getting a quote, checking a claim status and ordering a new ID card. Clone or fork the project and start tweaking and expanding upon the assistant to match your organization's needs.

Learn more about the Insurance starter pack on the Rasa Blog

See assistant on GitHub

Medicare Locator Starter Pack

This is an open source starter pack for developers which can locate nearby hospitals and nursing facilities. This demo bot is able to search for a hospital, nursing home or home health agency in a US city and handle basic chitchat.


Learn more about the medicare locator demo bot on the Rasa Community Showcase

See assistant on Github

Webinar: Chatbot Starter Packs for Banking and IT Support

In this webinar with Arjaan Buijk, Solutions Engineer at Rasa, Arjaan demos two open-sourced starter packs for Banking and IT Support. These examples are designed to help developers go to market in weeks, not months. Each starter pack assistant includes pre-built conversation flows, demonstrating how to use Rasa for industry-specific features like:

  • Checking a customer’s transaction history
  • Paying a credit card bill
  • Transferring money to another account
  • Opening a support ticket

You’ll take away tips for leveraging these example chatbots to build your own AI assistants in Banking and IT Support.


We want to make it easier for developers to get started building assistants for a variety of use cases: banking, healthcare, and more. Check out our other starter packs, or let us know what types of use cases you’d like to see covered next in our community forum. Let us know what you’re building and how you’re using our starter packs!

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