Schedule a Technical Demo of Rasa Enterprise

Find out how conversational AI can make a difference in your business. 

Save your seat at an upcoming technical demo session, led by engineers from Rasa. During the session, you’ll get a front row seat as we walk through platform capabilities and solutions to some of the most common challenges faced by teams building business-critical AI assistants.

Who should attend?

The demo will be geared toward a technical audience, particularly teams who need to:

  • Operate in an enterprise IT landscape
  • Fully control training data and integration capabilities
  • Build assistants that can hold meaningful, multi-step conversations with users and learn interactively from user conversations

Evaluate if Rasa is right for your company

The technical demo includes a concrete process for how to best evaluate if Rasa is right for your enterprise. Common paths to companies choosing Rasa include:
  • Companies that already have a bot but need a better bot.
  • Companies that require better security, data privacy, and HIPAA compliance.
  • Companies whose developers want to use Rasa because of our open source core, highly modular architecture, multiple options for deployment, and best-in-class research.

Preview of the solutions we’ll cover:

Control your data

Rasa meets the demands of the enterprise IT landscape with features like SSO, RBAC, and a system that runs fully on-premises–giving you full control over company and employee data privacy. Build HIPAA-compliant AI assistants and keep your sensitive customer data secure with on-prem or private cloud deployment. No user messages are sent to Rasa, ever. 

Integrate and customize

Straight out-of-the-box software seems easy, but a flexible architecture is necessary for great conversational AI. You can customize Rasa to fit the needs of your organization and connect Rasa to APIs, RPA, or knowledge bases. Rasa supports custom channel integrations and connects with Slack, Cisco Webex, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, voice frameworks, and many more

Automate tests and set up a CI/CD pipeline

Run tests and incorporate testing into your CI/CD pipeline with Rasa. Annotate user messages with Rasa X and turn them into real-world training data. Quickly sift through conversations and uncover insights with a purpose-built toolset for reviewing and filtering conversations

Schedule a technical demo with the Rasa Customer Success Engineering team to learn more.