Webinar: New Chatbot Starter Packs for Banking and IT Support


Join us for this recorded, 1-hour webinar with Arjaan Buijk, Solutions Engineer at Rasa. As a Solutions Engineer, Arjaan works with companies from Fortune 500s to startups, building mission-critical AI assistants. Two domains rapidly adopting virtual assistants are Banking and IT Support.

During the webinar, Arjaan will demo two newly open-sourced starter packs for Banking and IT Support. These examples are designed to help developers go to market in weeks, not months. Each starter pack assistant includes pre-built conversation flows, demonstrating how to use Rasa for industry-specific features like:

  • Checking a customer’s transaction history
  • Paying a credit card bill
  • Transferring money to another account
  • Opening a support ticket

You’ll take away tips for leveraging these example chatbots to build your own AI assistants in Banking and IT Support.



Originally aired: May 28, 2020