2021 Report: Conversational AI in Customer Experience

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Customer experience is critical.

Enterprises look to a number of technologies to improve customer experience and one of the fastest-growing solutions is conversational AI. In 2021, Rasa engaged Dimensional Research® to survey engineers, product leaders, and executives building virtual assistants. Customer experience emerged as the top use case among enterprises using conversational AI.

Conversational AI offers two crucial benefits: the ability to automate two-way natural language conversations with customers, and the ability to understand customers’ needs through analyzing conversations.

Key findings include:

  • Customer experience emerged as the top use case among enterprises using conversational AI
  • Customer-facing virtual assistants vastly outnumber other use cases, with the need for 24-hour support driving development
  • Investments in conversational AI are increasing
  • Many organizations are still at an early stage of conversational AI maturity
  • Customer satisfaction is the top metric for measuring the success of a virtual assistant

What you'll read about in this report

In this downloadable survey of conversational AI practitioners, you'll learn that while barriers remain to get assistants in production, many are already seeing returns on their investments in terms of customer satisfaction, retention, and offset costs. 

As more companies increase their investment in conversational AI, we expect to see virtual assistants grow rapidly in sophistication and capabilities. In turn, innovation will become a competitive necessity. Companies who establish conversational teams and master conversational technologies today position themselves to set the standards for customer experience in the coming years.

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