Deep Dive Webinar: Rasa Open Source 2.0 Release

Wednesday, October 14
8am - 9:30am PDT/5pm - 6:30pm CEST

Don’t miss your chance to get a first look at Rasa Open Source 2.0.

Join the Rasa team for a 90 minute deep dive into the latest major release of Rasa Open Source. The 2.0 release includes YAML formatting for training data, the new RulePolicy and rule snippets, and a new feature to suggest a pipeline configuration. Plus, we’ve done a major documentation update and added full support for retrieval intents. We’ll take you through what’s new so you can get the most out of the 2.0 updates.

Hear from Rasa team members across Product, Research, Engineering, and Dev Rel:

  • Rasa 2.0 Release Update - Alan Nichol, CTO and co-founder
  • Retrieval Intents - Daksh Varshneya, Machine Learning Researcher
  • RulePolicy and Form Updates - Vladimir Vlasov, Sr. Machine Learning Researcher
  • Suggested Config - Tobias Wochinger, Software Engineer
  • YAML Training Data - Alexander Khizov, Sr. Software Engineer
  • Documentation Updates - Ella Rohm-Ensing, Solutions Engineer
  • Community Resources - Justina Petraityte, Head of Developer Relations

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