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Level 4 Conversational AI: Redefining Customer Experiences

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Alan Nichol

Co-founder & CTO


Daksh Varshneya

Sr. Product Manager


Lauren Goerz Headshot
Lauren Goerz

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Unlock the Future of Generative Conversational AI with Rasa’s CALM Technology

Welcome to a new era in conversational AI, where traditional boundaries are being redefined. Last year, we demonstrated a new paradigm for conversational AI that leveraged language models to break free from intents and better understand users. But we didn’t stop there. 

Our journey of innovation has led to a brand new approach called CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models). This groundbreaking method is reshaping the conversational landscape, allowing conversational AI teams to serve their customers more intuitively than ever before. 

Watch this exclusive Rasa webinar replay, where our experts:

  • Guide you through the five levels of conversational AI and reveal how CALM enables you achieve Level 4. 
  • Showcase a live demo of CALM in action to understand how we navigate traditional challenges in conversational AI with large language models. 
  • Answer your questions in an interactive Q&A session. Engage with our experts, share your thoughts, and get insights directly from the team behind CALM.
  • Introduce Rasa Pro Developer Edition. Learn more about our new free Developer Edition to enable developers to get access to Rasa's latest innovations. 

Stay ahead in the rapidly changing field of AI communication. Watch the replay today and be part of this transformative experience.

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