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How to CALMly design conversations in an LLM-native assistant

Designers and Conversational AI teams, watch this exclusive Rasa webinar replay featuring CDI (Conversation Design Institute) CEO, educator, and design expert Hans van Dam alongside Rasa experts. Discover the future of conversational resiliency and conversation repair in a world with language models.

  • The challenge: Language models show remarkable conversational resilience. Learn techniques to leverage this resiliency and hear the CDI perspective on where it is most important to maintain control.

  • The opportunity: Designers often face limitations with the prescriptive nature of conversational AI platforms. Hans will share insights on the biggest blockers and reveal how language models can enhance conversation understanding, repair, topic changes, and multitasking for an improved customer experience.  

Watch the replay to explore how Rasa’s newest dialogue system, CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models), uses language models to boost conversational resilience and conversation repair capabilities, ensuring a superior user experience.

Hear from the Experts:

Hans van Dam


Conversation Design Institute

Anna Kryvous
Anna Kryvous

Conversational AI Designer


Lauren Goerz Headshot
Lauren Goerz

Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer


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