Part III of Rasa's Enterprise Success with Conversational AI webinar series:

Measuring Success in Conversational AI

Watch the replay

Access the replay of our engaging chat all about conversational AI in the enterprise with industry expert Cobus Greyling, former product owner of the Vodacom Tobi Voicebot. The key topic of discussion was how to measure and improve multi-channel, multi-language AI assistants in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

In this webinar you'll hear about the following topics:

  • Key Metrics To Measure Success
  • Conversation Driven Development (CDD) in the enterprise
  • Building for Text vs. Voice
  • Voice Design Considerations
  • Supporting Minority Languages


Cobus Greyling

Conversational AI Industry Expert | Former product owner of the Vodacom Tobi Voicebot | Rasa Hero

Lauren Goerz Headshot
Lauren Goerz

Product Evangelist


About the webinar series

Enterprise Conversational AI is an emerging, multidisciplinary field. Many AI Assistants have the potential to scale into robust, complex, customer-facing channels.

In this webinar series, learn how to unlock this potential by listening to the success stories of our Rasa Enterprise customers as well as insights from industry experts to ensure your conversational AI project is set up to scale.

Access parts one & two of this webinar series on-demand here!

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