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RAG Alone is Not the Answer

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How to Transform Conversational Interfaces from Chatty Deflection to Valuable Automation

We see a lot of news about customers and frameworks betting the future of conversational AI on RAG-based solutions. While we recognize that RAG is a great tool for bootstrapping FAQ bots and making existing chatbots smarter, RAG alone won’t get you to a level 5 adaptive assistant.

Why? Because great customer support is more than chatty deflection.

The real return on investment in conversational AI lies in the ability to go beyond FAQs and automate the resolution of customer problems. This requires transactional, context-based business logic execution that can’t be delivered well by RAG alone. 

In this webinar replay, you will:

  • Find out the optimal use cases for RAG in a conversational interface.
  • Discover the difference between chatty deflection and automation.
  • See Rasa's CALM with RAG combo stacked against a RAG App to see the difference firsthand
  • Hear from our product team about how we integrated RAG into our Dialogue System: CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models) to optimize the customer experience safely

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your chatbot genuinely useful. Watch the webinar now and unlock the full potential of conversational customer experiences!

Hear from the Experts:

Andrea Kelemen
Andrea Kelemen

Sr. Product Manager


Shailendra Paliwal
Shailendra Paliwal

Sr. Software Engineer


Lauren Goerz Headshot
Lauren Goerz

Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer


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