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Rasa Labs: Shaping the Future of Conversational AI Together

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Shape the future of next-level conversational AI with Rasa Labs

The time is now for next-level conversational AI. Our vision is a future where Rasa AI Assistants can safely control and leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) to provide a customer experience that is more fluent, resilient and helpful than ever before.

In this webinar, we introduced Rasa Labs, our early access program for customers and select teams that want to trial our latest experiments.

We also showcased a live demonstration, providing an exclusive sneak peek into the exciting developments we've crafted during our Rasa Experiments over the past months.

Plus, you'll gain deep insights into our vision for the future of the conversational AI industry and learn how we are able to leverage LLMs to build better customer experiences.

Some of the key topics we discussed:

  • The Journey So Far: Get updates from our Chief Product Officer on our recent efforts, our vision for the industry, and how the future is bright for conversational customer service.

  • Introducing Rasa Labs: Learn more about our Labs program designed exclusively for our customers, and see how we are co-creating the future of conversational AI.

  • Live Demo & Q&A: See a live demo of our Rasa Experiments to understand how we are able to navigate traditional challenges in conversational AI with large language models. 


Soufiane Houri

Chief Product Officer


Kendall Garey

Enterprise Solutions Engineer &
Lead Pre-Sales Consultant


Lauren Goerz Headshot
Lauren Goerz

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


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